Spoken EP - first release by Ghizeh

Spoken EP

Spoken EP is the first EP by Ghizeh, trip-hop | downtempo artist from Košice, Slovakia.

⚠️ Because of very unfortunate circumstances, we have in our possession probably the only existing copy of this great EP.
We also lost any contact to Ghizeh, nowhere to be found, so we cannot make a deal with him to publish his Spoken EP officially.
To keep this great music alive somehow, we made it available at least on YouTube. That's everything we can do ☹️.

About Spoken EP

Genre/Style: trip-hop, downtempo
Keywords: spoken ep, ghizeh, trip-hop music, downtempo music


Play track icon1Spoken4:32
Play track icon2Open4:02
Play track icon3Empirion3:57
Play track icon4Birds3:50

Produced by Ghizeh
Recorded & Mixed @ Phoenix